HyperDia by VOICE

HyperDia by VOICE

About HyperDia by VOICE

 Try a query like "Tokyo station to Yokohama station, last train." The search parameters will be set automatically, providing quick access to the train timetable information you are looking for. This can be particularly handy if you are a foreign traveller in Japan for the first time, or simply prefer to see timetable information in English.

About HyperDia by VOICE

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We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are currently selling "HyperDia by Voice" only in some countries.

Countries that are available for purchase
Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Republic of Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea
Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom
United States      

We are also continuing our expansion to other countries around the world.


Setting search conditions by voice

→ The English language voice search system supports "Departure station", "Arrival station", "last train", and "first train" input parameters. You may also specify time information.


→ Both English and Japanese versions are available. This allows the user to search the same set of nationwide Japanese stations in either English or Japanese using text or voice input. Note that the English-language voice system is tailored to American English accents.

User-friendly price

→ In order to take advantage of the full set of functions that HyperDia by VOICE supports, you can choose either monthly or annual coupon.